Decofloor™ Seamless Shower System

Seamless Shower Coating

Decofloor Seamless Shower Broadcast Aggregate Coating System - Similar to Epoxy coatingThe Decofloor Seamless Shower System (DFL-950) is an aggregate broadcast, slip resistant coating system that combines a decorative appearance with excellent chemical, stain and wear resistance. This solvent free polyurethane system creates a dense, stain resistant surface, and involves the use of a new “green chemistry”. Unlike traditional coating systems, our seamless shower coating contains no harmful VOC’s, making it VOC compliant in all 50 U.S. States. In addition, over 35% of the polymer coating system uses a formula that includes a new renewable raw material, modified vegetable oil, as opposed to standard petroleum-based materials.

Where to Use Our Seamless Shower Coating

The Decofloor Seamless Shower System can be used in both new construction as well as renovation projects. Because of it’s slip resistant properties, the Decofloor Shower System is ideal for jail showers, locker rooms, institutional and commercial shower stalls, or anywhere where liability is a large concern.

The Decofloor Seamless Shower coating is also mold and fungus resistant, and offered in an infinite array of colors and textures in order to satisfy the most challenging needs.

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